Clear linux on Btrfs

I have a 7 year old pc on which I tried Clear linux. Performance was fastest but the only issue I got was btrfs. As Btrfs is pretty fast on my HDD. I use btrfs-convert on my live boot and made Btrfs work but since it is not supported properly it fails to update kernel due to clr-boot-manager issues. But as a fact Btrfs was pretty fast I have a 24sec boot on EXT4, 19sec boot on XFS and 15sec boot on BTRFS. Not to mention opening times of every app is very fast on Btrfs. Is there any to way to fix Btrfs issues or get a more stable experience. Btw I used btrfs-convert and didn’t use fstab coz the result was the same due to clr’s automount.

Btw the issue the I am talking about it this.