Clear Linux on WSL2 tutorial: anyone wants an update?

Hi everyone,

a little bit more than 1 year ago, I posted a tutorial for getting Clear Linux on WSL2 ( [Tutorial] Clearlinux on WSL2 )

Nowadays, with the nested virtualization, the SystemD workaround with a boot command line and the disks management, the tutorial feels a little bit outdated.
So my question is: would anyone (even just 1 person) wand/need the tutorial to be updated and also, would Clear Linux team be also interested?

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Yeah, looking forward to it!

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yes, please… hyper-v is still heinous, and n{monopoly}ia RTX3X lack of interop lured me into a Windows 10 license with the promise of WSL2

specifically – how you get a stable static ip that won’t reset each boot

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Hello, this is my How-to.
Exporting tar from Docker container and import it to WSL would be simple.
And it would commonly work for other distribution other than Clear Linux.