Clear Linux on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2?

Has anyone ported Clear Linux to Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 yet? I just updated my Windows partition to the Windows Insider preview build, which has WSL 2. There are some major performance improvements - there’s a virtual machine running a modified Linux 4.19, and the distros run on top of that much like a Docker, podman or LXC container would run on a Linux machine.

There’s a Fedora remix, Debian, a few variants of openSUSE and SUSE and a few variants of Ubuntu in the Microsoft Store, but I believe the tools are there if you want to roll your own.

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I have Ubuntu running on WSL, but would be interested if we can get Clear Linux running on WSL2.

I think I’ve seen some discussion on this issue and someone said it’s not technically difficult but there are lots of paperwork.

The paperwork is if you want it in the Microsoft Store. You can sideload it without it being in the store. And the paperwork is a good idea!