Running winetricks

Hi everyone,

Kudos to the developers of Clear Linux, great distro.

I have three questions, any help would be appreciated.

  1. Can I run winetricks on Clear Linux?
  2. If so, how?
  3. If I can’t run winetricks, can I install a Windows application that installs from two CDs using Wine, playonlinux, or some other app?

Thank you

if you need to have playonlinux, check my post

Hi zoydberg,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

While Clear Linux is certainly brimming with potential, to run the app I need to run, I’m unfortunately going to have to revert to Manjaro.

Thanks again

Have you tried dl the source, “./configure” “make && make install”.

Or dl the .rpm and "sudo rpm2cpio ~/Downloads/YourSoftwareName.x86_64.rpm | (cd / ; sudo cpio -idv )`