Gaming setup on clear linux

I would like to know if anyone has configured correctly Lutris, Origin, Steam, Wine…etc for gaming.
And how esync was enabled in clear.

Because i can’t run windows app with wine, can’t install origin, steam with proton is bad and can’t configure esync.

I wanted to replace windows…i’m new to the linux world :face_with_head_bandage:

Cannot find any other linux distro with perf of clear but i can’t setup all.

Anyone can help me?

Sorry for my bad knowledge :pensive:

This is… complex. We ship lutris and wine but obviously not steam. Installing steam isn’t too difficult, but involves extracting the rpm that they ship or the deb. It works, sometimes, for most games.

I’ve kind of settled on using steam from flathub since people are spending time on it and sorting out issues relatively quickly.

Remember: clearlinux isn’t meant to be a polished OS for novices. We’ll try and help you learn but it’s not ever going to replace windows.