Use Steam With Native Runtime

Hello all,
I recently tried Clear Linux as my daily driver and loving it so far.
I’ve installed Steam via thew software center (that is, a flatpak) but having trouble understanding which runtime is being used.

I know Linux Steam Integration from Solus, and one of the options suppose to make Steam use the OS native runtime instead of its bundled Steam runtime.
However, as far as I understand, as Steam is run via Flatpak, it uses its own bundled runtime.
So… which of the three runtimes is being used? (native, steam, flatpak)

I assume that the native runtime will have the most up to date mesa etc., how can I make steam use it? Do Linux Steam Integration able to do its magic even though we are talking about a Flatpak?

Thanks in advance, Adam.

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Flatpak’s provides applications with their own (flatpak) runtime environment, so flatpak applications use the libraries provided by that (flatpak) runtime, not Clear Linux’s native libraries.

Steam on Flatpak seems to be using a mix of the steam runtime libraries and some Ubuntu libraries. You can see the implementation in the Flathub GitHub repo .

Phoronix had an article with instructions for installing Steam natively on Clear Linux if you’re interested in using the native Clear Linux libraries

We are slowly getting to tackling the thing that we really want to offer to you: Using the native clear linux runtime, and not the steam one or the one that is embedded in the flatpak (which is also the steam one, FWIW).

Hopefully soon?


Thank you both.
So at the moment the Linux Steam Integration package is more of a sign of things to come, than? :smile:
(That is, unless you’re installing manually).
Any way, not a big issue and great seeing team members so responsive.
Thanks again, Adam.

Running LSI with native clear linux is something that I currently do. There will be no guide cause it is quite hacky and involves overwriting provided files. However, I’m very familiar with LSI and Steam and will work on getting changes upstream.

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Thanks @sunnyflunk.
I figured as much, so waiting patiently, and running flatpak for the time being.