Steam-devices for Clear Linux

Hello, I’m trying to make my obscure controller work in Clear Linux but Steam doesn’t seem to be able to recognize it. Is there a way to install the “steam-devices” package in Clear Linux as in other distros the controller is recognized normally with this package. Thank you very much for your time. :smiley:

This has been asked before. Your request is a duplicate of e.g. - we need to ship the udev rules for many of these controllers, and we don’t.

They publish the udev rules in their repo, you can pull and copy these over:

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Done. These rules will be part of the games bundle. I struggle to find a better bundle to add them as well, so, I’ll just leave them there (we can add them to other bundles if a more relevant place is found).


Oh I was talking to the OP for a local fix, if they just come with the games bundle then so much the better, thanks!

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