Clr-boot-manager errors


I’m seeing the following error messages when running “clr-boot-manager update”

[FATAL] cbm (../src/bootman/kernel.c:L646): Failed to install kernel /boot/EFI/org.clearlinux/kernel-org.clearlinux.native.5.4.6-883: No space left on device
[FATAL] cbm (../src/bootman/update.c:L250): Failed to install default-native kernel: ///usr/lib/kernel/org.clearlinux.native.5.4.6-883

The disk is not full so that shouldn’t be the problem. Any ideas what is causing this?


chech /boot directories,this should be empty,when not empty it and check again

@Adrian_K, just checked, /boot is already empty :thinking:.

I’m not sure if this is related to having to many kernels installed? I get this with “clr-boot-manager list-kernels”

* org.clearlinux.native.5.4.2-875

try `sudo swupd diagnose && sudo swupd repair && sudo swupd clean
I dont have more a 2 kernels,and after clear only one.
I have only kernel-native,I thins something is happens because you install kernel-lts.

/boot is a mount point for the ESP. By default it is empty as it only gets mounted during kernel operations (i.e. new kernel updates).

Old kernels should get cleaned up when clr-boot-manager is run successfully. Currently it doesn’t complete as the ESP is out of space (this is an unmounted partition). So it’s a case of whether kernels haven’t been cleaned up properly, or whether the ESP wasn’t large enough to host 5-6 kernels that are required with 2 kernel branches installed.

@sunnyflunk, it looks like this was the problem :grinning:

I mounted /boot and removed files from older kernels. Running clr-boot-manager afterwards cleaned up other files and completed successfully.

Thank you all!

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