Documentation updates (Oct, 6-12 2019)


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Revised docs :

What was revised in Install Clear Linux* OS from the live desktop especially in Advanced installation? Why should the partitions have to be named CLR_BOOT etc?

@mvincerra might have more details for you

The advanced configuration now uses gparted, which allows you to partition disk space before completing installation. Partition names like CLR_BOOT, CLR_SWAP, etc., are required in order for the Clear Linux installer to identify which partitions to use for the installation.


Also, support for offline installs is accounted for in the documentation

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Why can’t boot be a part of root, rather than a separate partition?

I think this post from @bun.k.tan should be added to the Install Clear Linux from the live desktop.. After so many years of using Grub, i understood the idea of systemd-boot in Clear Linux correctly. Through it, I understood having few /boot/efi partitions too. :slight_smile: