Installation: Multiboot options, and CLR_SWAP must be <= 8GiB

Hello I am installing clearlinux from live USB. My requirements:

  • ClearLinux will share one drive with Windows10 and Fedora32.
  • I would like to use hibernate and suspend.

There are several issues that are not clear.

  1. Will I be able to adjust the choices in “Safe Installation” before it takes effect?

  2. It is not clear whether I should reuse the existing 220MB /efi partition used by Windows and Fedora. Will the CLR_BOOT partition be only used as an /efi partition? Or will it accumulate kernels as in fedora /boot partition does? More generally will it require more space over time, or is sharing 100-150MB free space enough?

  3. The installer gives me an error: CLR_SWAP must be <= 8GiB. Is this a fundamental restriction of ClearLinux? How do you support hibernation / suspend-to-disk with larger RAM systems?

  4. In the advanced partition option. I create
    CLR_SWAP linux-swap 64GiB (want to hibernate)
    CLR_BOOT fat32 256MiB
    CLR_ROOT 63.75GiB
    roughly following the directions in

Should this work and how? Thank you for your help!

  1. After resizing the swap partition, and closing the partition manager, the installer returns without the CLR_SWAP error, but it now says:
    Warning: No Media Selected. I reselect “Advanced Installation” and click “Partition Media” and the three CLR_??? partitions are still labelled. How do I proceed?

Even if I make a 4GiB swap partition CLR_SWAP, I get the <=8GB error. Perhaps because of an existing 64GB swap partition for another OS ?

Hi Philip,
I would definitely advise against trying to multi-boot 3 OS from the same drive. This scenario is not tested, and the desktop version of Clear Linux is not in active development. Also, as discussed elsewhere on the forum, hibernation is disabled in Clear Linux, so you won’t be able to hibernate even if you do succeed in getting the OS installed.


What does that mean?
Edit: Forget it. RIP

Thank you for your answer to my question 3b, and for letting me know the untestedness of 3 OSes. Apparently I have been confusing by bringing up too many issues at one time. Here is the first question.

  1. Will I be able to adjust the choices in “Safe Installation” before it takes effect? Or does it proceed automatically once you start that option?

@mhorn can you comment?

Only Advanced Installation allows for the modification of partition sizes.
Safe Installation will use all of the free space on the selected media; creating a small boot and the remaining space for the OS (and a swapfile).
The modification of the disk does not start until the final “Confirmation” of the installation start is selected. All options about the installation are selected first, then the installation proceeds without user interactions.