Clear Linux Safe Installation Issues

I am attempting to install Clear Linux on a machine with several other versions of Linux. I have a hard drive with three partitions available formatted as ext4. Sizes are 43 GB, 21 GB and 249 GB. The Select Installation Media step will only allow Destruction Installation. When I select Safe Installation I get “Warning: No safe media found for installation.”.

just remove one of your partitions and the installer will find the free space.

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OK - deleted the 3 partitions and left as allocated. System proceeds with install. But much to my chagrin, it creates another EFI partition immediately after the existing EFI partition and appears to be doing the complete installation in a single partition. Would like to have split up system, usr/local and home into different partitions.???

Unfortunately the 2nd EFI partion is a bug in our installer right now.

Thanks Miguel. Are there any plans to allow for specifying partition creation at install time to handle my second concern?

Yes, they have it in the TODO list

@mhorn can answer that better (please wait for his answer as he is out this week).

@jimc We are in the process of implementing a new method of handing advanced partitioning.

Hoping to have it in a release by the end of next week.

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Just to confirm, will this enable users to ba able to manually partion multiple drives if needed during install?

In my case I’d like to be able to format two drives – an SSD for boot/root and and HDD for /swap/var/tmp/home

Correct. For desktop installs you would use Gparted to partition the disks and place the appropriate partition labels for the installer to find as described in the GitHub Issue.

Mark, will this new installer also correct the problem where a second EFI partition is being created below and existing EFI partition and what is your best guess on availability?

Make that “an existing EFI” .