Multiboot with existing OS

I’ve been trying to install Clear Linux alongside Windows and Fedora 30 in my SSD.
I’ve allocated a free partition in the midlle of my SSD and I choosed to install the OS there without erasing the content in other partitions.

The process went fine, but the fact is that I’m not able to boot in CL since it created a new EFI partition that is at the start of where the free space was, so in the middle of the disk, without making any modification to the existing EFI partition that points to Fedora&Win10.

before installation:
| EFI | Windows | Free Space | Fedora | OEM stuff |

after installation:
| EFI | Windows | EFI2 | Clear | Fedora | OEM stuff |

Is this normal behavior?

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Unfortunately our multi-boot guide is out of date and needs updated (ping @TomL perhaps). Currently you need to manually do the installation (setup the partition, swupd os-install the content to the partition and copy the kernel into the EFI partition and create either the bootvar or config to enable it to be used).

I think @bun.k.tan and @mvincerra areworking on this with the installer team.

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Correct. We are working with the clr-installer team on this. The issue is logged here:

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I’m watching… as soon as Clear can be installed “after” my current Kubuntu, this will happen. I am excited for the few small remaining glitches to get sorted out so I can leave the apt world behind. :smiley: