Unable To Dual Boot With Windows 10 :/

hey guys.

So I’ve finally dedicated a separate drive for Clear Linux and have decided to install it. I wasn’t sure if it would work with dual boot so I looked it up and found 2 ways. One on official clear linux docs page and one on a youtube video. I ran into an issue with the one on the following clear linux docs page.


it just failed at this step

sudo bootctl install --esp-path=/mnt/clearlinux/boot

So I went with the following youtube tut instead.

Oddly enough, the guy made it work but I, despite chaging my boot flags and everything from esp, boot to msft and vice versa, couldn’t make it work. and i just can’t seem to get into the boot screen. I keep getting windows bootloader by default with no prompts, just the windows loading logo and then login screen as if Clear Linux isn’t even there.

can anyone help?

Note: the links are for the reference where I’m coming from. They aren’t to spam. I’ve also tried posting it over clear linux page on reddit, but it seems the community is more active over here than on reddit.

One important question, do you install Windows 10 or Linux first?

Hey. :slight_smile: UEFI is enabled, that’s why I was able to boot into live USB environment in the first place. Anyway, I was able to make it work but I had to repair Windows installation first through a USB image.then install Clear Linux the same way as the last time, then select the option “boot from file” instead of waiting for the bootloader to display the prompt.

Hey doct0rHu,

first of all, thanks for being such a wonderful member of the community. I’m new to Linux and I wanted to being with Clear despite knowing common package and other issues because I absolutely loved the experience. I keep visiting this community and the page on reddit but i’ve only recently joined it because i couldn’t find an answer to this issue anywhere (wasn’t looking for Ubuntu community answers in this case because it’s a bit different and easier).

That said, I did manage to make it work. apparently, changing flags didn’t do much damage up-front and windows was loading by default pretty nicely. But when I tried to select the option “boot from file” while booting up my 6th gen elitebook, Windows just gave me an error that I need to fix my boot issues.Windows was still loading fine unless I explicitly boot from a file instead, so I just popped in my Windows 10 USB and repaired y copy of Windows. Then I created another live image of Clear Linux, and then reinstalled Clear on same partitions (SDA8=CLR_BOOT, SDA9=LINUX_SWAP and SDA10=CLR_ROOT), then rebooted and selected boot from file option again and then identified the same CLR EFI boot file. This time, it worked without any issues although I do feel that it’s a bit slower comapred to the live USB (I don’t have an SSD so maybe that’s the reason?) .

I didn’t quite get it. I’ve Windows 10 and CL installed on two drives and I never need to choose “boot from file”.

I asked you whether you installed Windows or CL first because the tutorial provides two separate guides on dual boot.