Systemd-boot issue

I installed Clear Linux alongside Windows 10.
I configured the systemd-boot options as given in tutorials page of Clear Linux website.

When I rebooted, Clear Linux was missing from the boot menu, only Windows Boot Manager was showing

What did I do wrong?

There are two sections in the guide and depending on whether you installed CL first, you need to follow the correct one.

Can you share exact steps you took and the order in which you took them? Perhaps at least a link to the anchor in the header to the section of the guide you followed? Also if you take a look around you might find your solution in another topic. You’ll see that a lot of people here have found their way through many issues in many different duel boot combinations and scenarios.

@someone maybe we should consolidate all the duel boot related topics into a single duel boot category to make them easier for newcomers to find.