Not bootable after installation

Hi, I had a dual boot system with windows and arch Linux. Everything was fine, except I hate windows and I deleted it today.
I wanted to try Clear Linux and installed it successfully on the former windows partition. After reboot the grub menu showed up and I only could choose Arch. No Clear.

So now I installed Clear Linux but am not able to actually use it. Can anyone explain me, why developer would do that? It makes no sense to me…

I looked around the net now and the “trying Clear Linux” grew to a process of a several hours. That is not very satisfying and I tend to just overwrite it again with a more usual distro :frowning:

First, Clearlinux doesn’t use GRUB. So are you sure you still see the GRUB boot menu?

A detailed tutorial on is available here:

My guess is that you installed clearlinux but are booting in non-UEFI mode. In that case, it seems the bios only sees the old legacy boot loader, which was grub.

Try booting in UEFI mode through the BIOS/boot menus?