Installed Clear Linux , now will not boot

Hi everyone,

I have installed Clear Linux ( I am dual booting) , I followed the instructions " Dual-boot Clear Linux* OS with Any GRUB-based Linux* Distro " and used Method 2: Use GRUB to Boot Clear Linux OS.
On booting and selecting Clear Linux I get this " error’ EFI/org.clearlinux/bootloaderx64.efi’ not found "
Any idea on what is wrong?
many thanks

The bootloader was not properly installed. Best is likely to file a ticket against clr-boot-manager and include full debug output, on their github tracker:

Ok thanks for your reply,
However does that mean the downloaded file on the USB stick is faulty, or do I need try and re-install again?
Never used the GitHub, any pointers how to obtain the debug output?

Tried the latest build image 32380, no joy. I am giving up on CL for now. Hopefully things will get developed and fixed, and it will be worth coming back again sometime.