Help, can't install clear linux

I installed it from the live desktop. There was no errors, it installed successfully, but after rebooting there’s no option for clear linux os, there is only built-in EFI shell. Please help

You could try a few things

First can you get clear Linux to boot from the UEFI shell

Here are the commands I used to boot my system


fs0: Should put you in the boot file system if that doesn’t work you could try fs1:, fs2:, etc


You will know you are in the right file system if ls show the directories


Running the next 3 commands should boot clear Linux

~cd efi
~cd boot

If you haven’t already go into your computers bios settings and see what it displays for your boot order and what boot options are available.

you could use the live USB to examine the contents of the installed system to see if anything was written to disk. Using the default install settings clear Linux should have installed a small boot partition and used the rest of the drive for the root filesystem.

It probably won’t turn out to be useful information but could you post the manufacturer and model of your motherboard.