Anyone got Clear Linux successfully booted in Clover?

Hi. I’m a Linux noob. I’m wondering if anyone here can help me getting Clear Linux on a separated drive booted in Clover menu along side with my Windows and Hackintosh?

Hi @theicewitch,
We have some documentation around multi OS booting on our documentation web pages (e.g. ), but I’m not aware of anyone that’s tried to use Clover. Please keep us posted with updates!


I got it working. Thanks anyway. Cheers.


Glad to hear that! Can you share any tips/issues you ran into? Clover has been asked about a few times so maybe your experience can help others.

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I had major issues with using rEFInd, I don’t know if this is relevant, but both are chainloading bootloaders / “rootkits”.
In my case I had to do a full system restore since I couldn’t get CL to boot anymore. I opened a github issue

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I did the following: 1. I copied the org.clearlinux folder from the Linux EFI and i placed it in my Clover EFI.

  1. I looked for the UUID for my linux EFI partition and added it in the “custom legacy” in Gui section . I also checked “Legacy” and “Linux” located at the top.

Would you be able to share Clover configuration file? I have no idea how to add CL to Clover. When I select Legacy it boots but many devices are not working (eg. keyboard and touchpad).