UEFI + No Boot Prio

Hi I really would like some help. I’m new to Linux but I have successfully installed Fedora 36 workstation & KDE Neon Plasma 5.25 on my Acer Laptop. I was doing more research and came across Clear Linux and read it was supposed to be really good with intel products and my laptop is completely intel. It’s not the best laptop in the world but it handled the other two distro’s fine even as I was tweaking things. Anyways I installed the ISO for CL on my flash drive via BelenaEtcher as I had used the same technique for the other two distro’s. I did get into the live version of CL but the installation failed I tried going into the root path of the terminal where it posted to look at logs but I couldn’t get it to work it just kept saying invalid command. I first tried using the wipe data entry (destruction mode I think it was called) it didn’t work I tried to check my partition I tried standard install it didn’t work. After the 3rd fail attempt I was going to just give up and go back to Fedora but when I turned off my laptop and back on all of a sudden I had no Boot priority. Before I had 2, one was Fedora and the other was the usb option and I had to move the usb option to number 1 spot to get into the live version. I’ve done research and it seems like there’s a lot of these issues but none of the fixes work for me. I can’t change to legacy mode no matter what. I’ve disabled secure boot. I’m in AHCI Sata so it recognizes me SSD, the date and time is correct. It recognizes my SSD in the info tab. I’ve tried going into the “select UEFI file for trusted execution” but after I enter HDD1 it’s just blank there’s no files for me to click it’s just a blank page. I did clear the TPM (TCM) in a panic/attempts to fix it but from what I’ve researched that shouldn’t really effect the outcome. I’m at a loss… my laptop is not the best but it also works and it ran the other two distro’s just fine I’m just anal and I wanted to see if I could get that little extra performance from a distro that’s supposed to be catered to intel. Please if anyone could help me I would love you forever. Thanks so much.