Install help. Acer Aspire Laptop

Good morning all,
So I’m new to Linux but I’ve been loving it. I’ve successfully installed and used Fedora 36 workstation & KDE Neon Plasma 5.25 on my laptop. Everything works good besides when I install Wine and run games (league of legends) I get low FPS. So I started doing more research and found out about Clear Linux and how it’s designed for Intel so I thought I’d give it a shot to see if it would help give me a few more frames. I download it via their website & installed the ISO to my USB using BelenaEtcher like I used for the first two distro’s. I successfully was able to boot into the live version but then the installation failed. I tried viewing the root install logs via the path it said to look up but I couldn’t get it to work. I’m still very new to the terminal so basically all the tweeks I’ve done with it I’ve been basically following a step by step guide, so I don’t really understand operating it fully yet but I’m trying to learn. Anyways I tried the advance install option I tried using the destructive option, it recognizes my SSD as a partition so I’m not sure why the install failed. It failed 4 times on me at which point I was just going to give up and go back to Fedora. Well upon restart this time I had no boot priority options to choose from and I could not change the boot mode to legacy. I’ve researched a ton of options and none of the steps people use to fix it seem to work. I made sure SATA mode is on AHCI. I noticed when I go into my UEFI files to try and set one for being trusted it recognizes the HDD1 port option but there are no sub files, as soon as I hit enter on HDD1 it’s just blank. I’ve enabled f12 boot and when I get into there on restart there’s also no option for boot prio. So I can’t move the USB up to prio 1 so it would pull from there like I had to do to get into the live version the first time, I assume the ISO is still on my USB as I didn’t config the usb at all after getting into the live version. Every trick people use to get into legacy mode I can not get into it no matter what it’s just always blocked from me even pressing the up arrow to get to boot mode. Now I know my laptop isn’t the best but it did run those other two distro’s just fine like I said I was just trying to sneak a few extra frames in wine hoping that this distro being designed to work with intel it would help as I have both intel cpu & gpu.
Please if anyone could help me I would be grateful as I’m out of ideas. Here are some pictures of my BIOS.
Thank you!!