Unable to install Clear Linux on 12th gen Intel

Hello everyone

I am trying to get Linux working on my laptop but when I boot from the Live ISO the OS stays stuck at a black screen with a white underscore in the top left corner after clicking on “Clear Linux” on the screen where I can check the checksum of the ISO and just keeps refreshing the screen before being able to get to the Live OS or any gui. I have already tried booting from my PC, which also has 12th gen intel but I get stuck in the same place. This is the hardware my laptop is running:
Thinkpad P1 Gen5
Nvidia RTX A2000
64gb ddr5 Crucial
Bios set to UEFI.

Is my hardware maybe too new or am I missing some important step? I flashed the OS with BalenaEtcher and closely followed the guide. I have also read in some places that this may be a Nvidia GPU related issue?

Help would be very much appreciated.

You got secure boot enabled by any chance?

No I don’t have it enabled. That’s the first thing I checked.

It is worth trying to boot an older release like 37840 and update after successful installation.


This version also seems to fail. I even tried disabling efficiency cores, enabling only discrete graphics and some other settings but I can’t seem to boot.

Did you try using nomodeset 3 as a kernel parameter and then using the text only installer?

Press ‘e’ when the distro boots into the bootloader and then add above to the beginning making sure there is a space after 3.

If I were you, I would use Rufus on windows to make the Clear Linux live USB and use GPT instead of MBR as you have UEFI.

Hello. I would suggest to you to disable Nouveau and Radeon GPUs drivers in the boot process, so you only use Intel GPU drivers. In order to achieve that goal you need to boot with this kernel parameters:

nouveau.modeset=0 radeon.modeset=0

It doesn’t matter which version of ClearLinux you use to install. I had that problem at installation too. My setup is a laptop with Intel Xe Graphics + NVIDIA GTX 1650.


@leiniercs Don’t you think it would be nice to have a normal boot option and a safe boot option with the kernel parameters you mentioned when the CL distro boots up?