Installing clear on alienware area 51m

having issues trying to install clear Linux although i tested it to check if my system was capable of running it, and it said it can so don’t know what to do. the image below is what happens when i try to boot into it

You’re referring to the graphical corruption?

Maybe try using the server live iso image instead. What GPU does this system have?

its a Nvidia rtx 2070

If it’s 9700K, it also has a integrated GPU.
Since the output mentioned ‘nvidiafb’, I guess it’s booting with NVIDIA GPU. Can you disable NVIDIA GPU and check whether it boots up with Intel GPU?

ok will try and see if it works

The nouveau driver doesn’t work with the newer RTX cards and produces this result, in my experience… You can append the kernel cmdline with modprobe.blacklist=nouveau to at least get going.

I disabled the graphics card through windows but i’m still getting the same problem

oh so how would i do that ? cause i cant gain access to the terminal at all cause

Is there anyway to disable it in BIOS? I don’t know whether you configurations in Windows only applies to Windows or applies on a lower level.

When booting up, press and hold space. When the boot menu appears, press e and you can aopens kernel parameters in the end of cmdline.

That would have no effect on Linux. You should disable it in the BIOS as suggested.

Is that command equivalent to putting nomodeset for Ubuntu based distro’s ?

Also would I just add it at the end of the line or I replace one of the things listed ?

That’s not a shell command, but a kernel option. Clear Linux uses systemd-unit, which is kinda like equivalent to GRUB.

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oh ok so what would be the equivalent to setting nomodeset for clear Linux?

As it’s already answered,

append the kernel cmdline with modprobe.blacklist=nouveau

Yeah I did that already and it didn’t work, all that happened was I got a black screen instead of it loading into the system

Press ctrl+alt+F2 to go to tty, then install the proprietary driver.

Tutorial is here: