Need help with installing Clear Linux with nvidia 2080 TI


I am very new to linux. I have just finished building a new PC and have it dual booting windows 10 on the first drive and clear linux on the second drive.

When I install clear linux and boot into it it stops at a gray screen. I have to hit CTRL ALT F2 etc to load the TTY session. Then if I type in the command startx then it will load the GUI but without all of the extra modules.

I believe the issue from what I have read is the fact that I have a 2080 TI and Clear Linux is using third party drivers which are not compatible with the latest card. I have tried for over 20 hours now to get the nvidia drivers installed but I lack the skill and experience to fully be able to troubleshoot as to what all I need to do.

I wanted to see if any of you know of a why to install the actual nvidia drivers during the install of Clear Linux instead of afterwords or if someone has compiled and released a version of the latest clear linux with it already added to the disk image?

Also is there a discord channel that I can log into on my phone for assistance from other users for faster help?

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There’s some good stuff on this forum:

I know I tried this and I did not have luck. I could not get the script to run so I then followed the sublink to the post that the scripts where based on and followed them and still no luck.

What do you mean by not able to get them to run?

I ran the scripts but it gave errors and did not end up in a working install of nvidia drivers or access to the desktop GUI