New to Clear Linux with some Questions

Hello all, I am a new Linux user and have installed Clear Linux which has been a completely hassle free and enjoyable experience. I have only tried a couple of other Linux OS and only from the live CD. Having been impressed with what I had been reading about Clear Linux I was attracted enough to give it a go. I was even more impressed with the Live session that I went ahead and installed it to the second drive I have in my laptop, which once again was really simple to do. At this stage I do not dual boot, I manually select my boot drive which is not a big thing for me as my wife also uses the laptop and does not really like being to adventurous with OS choices
My laptop details are Toshiba Satellite with Intel i5-4210U with AMD Radeon R7 m260 as well as a SSD and 16GB of RAM. Everything is working as far as I can tell and the whole install procedure was simplicity itself without a hitch
Now to my questions, as I have a dedicated AMD card for graphics, is there something I need to be doing to ensure that it is in use, it would seem a waste to have 2GB graphics card and have it sitting there doing nothing.
Also I like photography and I use a recent Canon camera that uses CR3 raw files which have been a issue so far with linux in that they have not been supported. Now I see Clear Linux has Rawtherapee and I have it installed, alas it is not the newest version which does finally have CR3 support. Is it easy enough to install the latest Rawtherapee myself? Or should I wait and it will be updated by Clear Linux developers in the near future
So those 2 are my biggest questions, as for everything else I like it so much that I am willing to self educate myself so I know enough to continue to make it work. Well done and a big thank you to the developers of Clear Linux


I don’t think so. A lot of the AMD drivers/firmware have been opensourced and upstreamed in the Linux kernel.

Both. It looks like they have an AppImage on their website which should run fine on Clear Linux if you download it. See this post Some way to install rawtherapee . I’m sure the native rawtherapee package will get updated imminently but you can also feel free flag it for us on GitHub to make sure it’s on our radar:

Thank you for the replies,

So does this mean that my graphics card is in use?
I will download that appimage from Rawtherapee and follow the instructions you linked to when I get the chance and see how it goes. I will report back with the results just in case it is something some one else is interested in