Live USB wont boot

I really want to install Clear Linux on my ThinkPad. I used Rufus to create a live USB, but when I try to boot from the USB device, it isnt recognized. The laptop just wont boot from it. What am I doing wrong? It looks like all the files are there on the USB device. I have a 7th gen X1 Carbon with the 4K display. Is the laptop not compatible?

Clear Linux isn’t compatible with secureboot yet. Can you check in your bios that secureboot is turned off? Also, just check boot sequence real quick, in case your machine boots into Windows MBR first or something

Its not the boot sequence. I can select the USB device. When I do, the screen goes black for a second, then takes me back to the firmware interface - the boot sequence screen that I get to when I press F12.

Not sure how to turn secure boot off, but I will try and find it in the BIOS settings.

Success! Once I disabled secure boot, the Live USB booted with no problem at 4K resolution. I am going to partition my drive for dual boot.

Does Clear Linux have a dark theme? Can I install other GNOME themes?

Thank you for your advice!

Sure,I use Arc-Dark theme and I loved it.