Can’t boot Linux

How to boot clear Linux?

I just installed clear Linux using USB to my SSD but in my boot menu I don’t have an option to boot clear Linux or my SSD, only options for windows(doesn’t work) USB, ip4 or ip6.

whats your BIOS version or your computer vendor?
you may be able to add an entry manualy in BIOS setup.
if you can, choose fs0, then go to


Here it says 2.16.1243 I’m not sure if this is what you mean with bios version so I added an image, I can’t find the EFI terminal or something so I can’t enter that command, where do I enter the command?

Check if there is an option in the “Boot” tab for “add boot option”

I checked out the manual for your BIOS and I couldn’t find the ability to add boot option. But maybe you could update your BIOS. (American megatrends)

I’m going to try to update my BIOS thank you so much for your help🙏

Not sure if this is your issue or not, but the HP laptop that I bought recently won’t seem to boot from any drive with an MBR partition table. Try using GPT. Anything with MBR doesn’t even show up as a boot option.

Just use this path you gave me to create an entry inside of clear Linux live (usb) thanks!!! I’m in now