Live USB for install won't start correctly

Hello there,
Currently trying to install Clear Linux 36010 on my low end Huawei Matebook E (8GB RAM, i3 1110G4).
After getting into the Boot Menu and selecting live install I get to choose if I want to boot live, check integrity etc. When I select something the screen goes black and the fans turn off (the laptop doesn’t though since I have to force shutdown, by holding down to power button, before I can start again).
Keyboard commands don’t work either during this time.
I have checked the integrity of the downloaded file and tried both server and desktop versions. Other Linux Distros (PopOS and Fedora Silverblue, both latest, tested) install normally. USB plugged into USB Dock (can’t plug in directly since it only has one USB-C Port)
Don’t know where to go from here, does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?