Clear linux live usb does not start

I made the stick using balena etcher and the
clear-36010-live-desktop iso
i downlowded from

but it does not start on my Lenovo ThinkPad-X240
this the message that appears on the screen

First try to create bootable drive using Rufus (if you have Windows) or Ventoy.

why does the official Clear Linux site says " Create a bootable USB drive using Etcher" ???

Official docs are usually created once and aren’t updated in the future. For most Linux distros. I just suggested an alternative and more convenient way to create bootable drive with Clear Linux, but of course you can use whatever you like.

the problem probably was that I’d used a 4 giga byte stick,
when I used a 16 gigabyte stick
balena Etcher , on a Fedora 16 system,
created the Clear Linux live stick successfully,
which worked on
Lenovo ThinkPad-X240
(but not on an older HP with only 3 GB RAM)

everything worked on the live stick, except Firefox,
which kept on crashing,
I suggest Clear Linux install one more browser on their .iso