Domain and Nameserver Config Help Needed

Hello Community

How do I config a Nameserver and Domain Name to my Clear Linux Instance?
Want to use it as a web server to serve websites over the internet not just locally.

Thank You.

If your IP address is static, you can buy a domain name and then go to, for example, cloudflare to setup DNS redirections.

But it’s most likely that you IP address is dynamic. Then there’re two strategies I know.

One is keep the network connection on or otherwise after you disconnect and reconnect to the Internet, you may get a different IP address. But this doesn’t work for long term, because most ISP limit the maximum lease time for a IP address. So if you only need public acess to you computer for short term, it’s okay. Otherwise, keep reading.

The second solution is to find a provider for dynamic domain name service, DDNS. It automatically register your new IP with nameservers and there’re both free and paid service providers. Personally, my router has built-in feature to do that, so I don’t know the details. After you set DDNS up, you should be good to go.

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