Noob PSA for forgetting to configure network settings on bare metal server install…

Just sudo nmgui it up instead of fighting with resolv.conf settings (for stuff other than configuring your corporate domain)

That is all. One hour spent “learning” this. But hey I’m a Linux noob and I’m starting with a bare install for a limited support distribution.

So for future noobs Googling “why can’t I configure my wireless card and network adapter on a bare metal Clear Linux install and set a name server in resolved.d” well - just avoid it.

DNS is automatically in your resolv.conf file so you don’t need it in resolved.d/resolved.conf and

Also… nmgui is super easy for connecting to a wifi network so you don’t need to worry about manual wpa_supplicant configuration stuff.

I mean, DIY is always fun. And it’s a way to familiarize yourself with operating your operating system. But. Automatic is just so much better some days!! :laughing: