Bundle resolvconf is invalid

Bundle: resolvconf is incorrect. The following error message is received when attempting to install it; “Warning: Bundle” resolvconf “is invalid, skipping it…”
It is necessary for installing Openvpn to Protonvpn’s service.


Clear Linux does not use resolvconf to manage DNS and there is no resolvconf bundle. It uses systemd-resolved for DNS settings which can be managed through a resolv.conf file.

Are you sure it is looking for resolvconf? openvpn itself doesn’t impose a DNS manager to use. If you’re using a GUI/CLI tool, it might be making assumptions. How are you setting this up and where exactly and what does the blocking message say?

OK! Thank you very humbly for your reply.
I tried to install Openvpn via the following guide.

There, step 1 contains the following text. Where under 3. below is mentioned just resolvconf

"Also, ensure that the resolvconf is installed:
sudo apt install resolvconf "

When I tried to install “resolvconf” I get the following error message:

Loading required manifest …
Warning: Bundle “resolvconf” is invalid, skipping it …
Failed to install 1 of 1 bundles

I did not understand better than that I then took for granted that something was wrong with it, and not that it is not available. Now saw in retrospect, when you mentioned it, and via the following link that it does not exist.


Thus, I no longer came, and have no deeper knowledge, if even superficial, to keep up with your reasoning.

"Install the OpenVPN package by opening a terminal (press Ctrl + Alt + T) and entering:

sudo apt-get install openvpn "

"Install the ‘network-manager-openvpn-gnome’ package, for easier use and compatibility with the Ubuntu Network Manager GUI, by entering:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome "

"Also, ensure that the resolvconf is installed:

sudo apt install resolvconf "

That example and instructions are for Ubuntu and will not work on Clear Linux.
I would try the command-line tool that is recommended at the top of guide you linked. It seems more up-to-date and distro agnostic.

You were right again. It worked right away. So far until my login details were questioned, even though they had just been used for web login. But that’s another story.

Thanks for the advice.

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