Download link clear-39400-live-server.iso doesn't work

The official website Downloads | Clear Linux* Project has a link to “Clear Linux* OS Server” but this link is not valid.
If you search for clear-XXXXX-live-server.iso, you can see this iso doesn’t exist in any of last releases.
If you need install clear Linux in a baremetal server, which iso do you have to use?

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Hi Thomas - thanks for flagging this up. Looks like the last server iso built was You should be able to use this to install and then swupd to the latest. I’ve poked our release engineer and he’s going to dig into what broke.



Thanks @djklimes - but we’re looking for the server iso?

Here you go:

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how / how often does Downloads | Clear Linux* Project get updated, as that page is still pointing to 39400

Also how should bugs be reported, as it was already reported in

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I’m going to refer back to my previous comments here

And yes, you are reporting the issue in the correct place.