Page download iso not work

The system image download page hasn’t worked for a few days.

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greate thx for info
now will be search how unzip XZ )))

I updated the webpage while we wait for the ISOs to get fixed.

Is there a reason why this issue of the (absent) ISOs emerges periodically?

I’ll let @arjan explain:-

<arjan_work> isos are… complicated
<arjan_work>* much more so than images
<arjan_work>* we need to decide before hand how big they will be etc – all messy
<arjan_work>* is not a fan at all of isos… but I know other folks really like them
<arjan_work>* our iso images are a ramdisk, commpressed, then wrapped around a boot thing and then put in the read only filesystem for cdroms

<web_guest|12> The Clear Linux Server ISO download button is a 404:
<arjan_work>* yeah we’re poking at that one
<arjan_work>* ran out of space on the iso file
<arjan_work>* but the button should also not have updated to a file that doesn’t exist
<arjan_work>* so we’re working on fixing that automation step as well

So, I suspect something on the build expanded over time to exceed the predicted file size allocated to the image.


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