ISO image no more

Looks like CL stopped issuing ISO images of CL (again) :confused: . (Yes, I do need ISO images for Ventoy.) On the other hand, if you unzip the .img.xz file and convert the result into .iso, you end up with a 16G(!) ISO file. Does anyone know of a conversion utility that does a better job at converting the .img.xz file into a reasonably-sized ISO?

this isn’t on purpose

we’ll check out what went wrong


Any progress on this? :thinking:

Index of /image/ has an iso image just fine ?

I guess I’ve grown used to finding ISO images for all your latest releases: have you guys discontinued that practice? Was that too costly?

iso images need manual testing/qa since the format (unlike img) does not work in our automation… so we publish it only every week or so

Thanks, so I guess that you’ll be publishing new ISO images only under /image/ from now on, right? And hopefully not to seldomly :blush:

That is the correct location to find the current ISO images, regardless of release. You can also download latest-images.json to determine the current version of each image programmatically.