Download is currently not possible?

Hi gentlemen,
what’s happening? I got this message:

Mit dieser XML-Datei sind anscheinend keine Style-Informationen verknüpft. Nachfolgend wird die Baum-Ansicht des Dokuments angezeigt.

The specified key does not exist.


Best regards

Using your browser, go to :

Choose releases/_

(I noticed the nokey error shows up when the parent dir was not visited before /releases)

Hello businux,
thank you for your reply.
yes, i did that and got it.
But the official link is not working.

Best regards.

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We’ve had some issues with the build process generating isos automatically. Thanks for flagging this. I’ll escalate it to the release engineer. In the meantime, use and swupd update from there.


Yes, please bring back the ISO files! :pray:

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There is some manual interaction needed to tune the size of the data structures in the ISO that I suspect have been broken by recent updates to Gnome and KDE. I’m sure normal service will be resumed after the other fires (e.g. xz) have been extinguished.

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I don’t know whether or not Clear uses the known exploit with xz of a modified ssh for systemd notifications, but just to be safe I just saw that xz was updated to 5.6.1 on 41220 so it might be advisable to grab the iso from the Index of /releases/41210/clear/ or earlier and then update from there.

It doesn’t, but as long as you update, you should be fine either way.