Download of Desktop ISO file fails

Haven’t found a topic that addresses this issue, there were a few about slow speeds, old links, or hash incorrect but nothing about download failure:

Environment: Ubuntu 23.10, amd64, 64bit, Linux Kernel 6.8.8-060808-generic, Trashcan MacPro 2013, Wayland, Processor Intel® Xeon® E5-1620 v2 × 8, using Ethernet Wired Connection only, openVPN active, other downloads of large files succeed, Firefox Nightly .deb install 128.0a1 (2024-05-21) (64-bit).

Reason for download:

  1. try live image and play around with it
  2. install on MacPro as single system OS and migrate from Ubuntu to Clear Linux - if it works
  3. Ubuntu is not up to date and noble nombat upgrade fails
  4. Ubuntu is laggy on my system and a bit buggy at times (e.g. when exposing windows and workplace switcher there is a slight hesitation prior to showing the windows using an external trackpad connected over USB - three finger swipes up)

Steps to repeat:

  1. select download of desktop clear linux iso
  2. download starts
  3. download proceeds
  4. download eventually fails

Workarounds appreciated, downloading through terminal for example or other methods.


  1. wget

downloading I see it drops the connection occasionally then continues progress once it is re-established, I guess Firefox does not have that feature yet so far so good, when it downloads it is good about 2.6Mb/s

Try with:

curl --retry 999 --retry-delay 5 -C - -O

Do you use a VPN or proxy…?

Ubuntu is … better don’t talk about that…

I use openVPN VPN via openVPN NetworkManager plugin, actually I use two serial VPN connections (vpn1 via network manger openvpn plugin, and vpn2 connected to modem via hardware vpn router - so in a way I proxy through vpn2 but no real proxy defined via proxy settings), but for the most part it works, e.g. downloading large Steam files etc… . I don’t think it is the CDN or your server, I think somewhere in my VPN routing it starts dropping packages, so it just needs the ability to reconnect and pick up where it left off.

that did the trick thank you and wget also worked, might be good to run the install as a script. The user selects the download link and it downloads a .sh executable script performing the download from the terminal to make it a little more robust (this could probably happen in the background as well with a popup window stating download progress) - (instead on relying on the browser as the download tool which seems flaky - though probably depends on the browser).

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Glad you got it to download. I just checked and was able to download it with Clear Linux/Firefox, but I’m in an area with good internet connectivity.
Where are you based? I doubt we can do much with our CDN, but it might be useful info if we start seeing more reports.


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