Error loading for a game

A game on my laptop needed I have searched for libjpeg using swupd.

nayab@TheBox: ~ $ swupd search libjpeg
Bundle with the best search result:
     devpkg-libjpeg-turbo           	- All content for pkgconfig file libjpeg-turbo.pc. (installed)

This bundle can be installed with:

  swupd bundle-add  devpkg-libjpeg-turbo

Alternative bundle options are
     games                          	- Play games in Clear Linux OS. (installed)
     lib-imageformat                	- Helpers for reading images.  (40MB) (installed)
     R-extras-dev                   	- All packages required to build the R-extras bundle.  (3440MB) 

I did install all the bundle inlcuding devpkg-libjpeg-turbo. But unable to load the game.

nayab@TheBox: ~ $ ./GOG\ Games/Beneath\ A\ Steel\ Sky/ 
Running Beneath A Steel Sky
Starting ScummVM
/home/nayab/GOG Games/Beneath A Steel Sky/scummvm/scummvm_x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What’s the bundle I need to install for

The version of libjpeg in those bundles is newer than the game is looking for. This is the newest version currently bundled:

Bundle games [installed] (2832 MB on system)

The older version is in a package called libjpeg-turbo-soname8. Unfortunately, that package is not currently included as part of any bundle. I’ll propose getting it added to the games bundle.

If you want a quick and dirty solution to get your game on, you can manually install it:

rpm2cpio libjpeg-turbo-soname8-lib32-1.5.3-42.x86_64.rpm | sudo cpio -ivdm --directory=/
sudo ldconfig

While this works, keep in mind it can be removed with future CL updates.

EDIT: Looking up that game, it looks like there are a couple other dependencies that will give you trouble since CL doesn’t package them. libmpeg2 and unionfs-fuse. You can, of course, compile those and install locally. :expressionless:

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