Expired Certificate used in mix

We have a mix server that was set up about a year ago, and clients have been installed using this mix.
The problem is that the certificate (xxx_Root.pem) have expired.

Did a test creating a new fresh mix with mixer init and it seems the default valid time for the certificate is 1 year, which explains why we are having the problem now.

            Not Before: Jul 15 06:11:19 2019 GMT
            Not After : Jul 15 06:11:19 2020 GMT

Are there some procedure or documented way to update the certificates ? Both on the client installations and the mix server ?

Also, will there be a problem that certain mix versions have one certificate and the later ones suddenly have a new certificate…or is it possible at all ?

Advice here is highly appreciated.

Bjørn Tore.

Solved it by generating new certificates, replaced the ones on the mix server, bumped version and built new mix, and then updated the clients using swupd update --nosigcheck.

If there are some other or better way to solve this it would be interesting to hear what that might be.

Bjørn Tore.