Check of signature files

With swupd I’m getting these errors.

swupd[1137799]: Warning: Signature for latest file (http://localhost:7777/version/format30/latest) is missing
swupd[1137799]: Warning: Support for unsigned latest file will be deprecated soon

This is also mentioned here “To mix maintainers: swupd is now enforcing signature of latest file” To mix maintainers: swupd is now enforcing signature of latest file .

How do I fix this on my local mix server, and are there any guides on how to do it ?

@btsvinningen - Can you share the steps you used so I can reproduce this?


@bun.k.tan - Not sure if it is easily reproducible. But I’ll explain the steps I’ve done.

We did inherit a mix server, and about 50 client installations was done using that mix server.
We received a copy of the mix directory with the pem file, and I put up a new server where I copied the mix folder. When I received it it was a format 29, and I did a format bump by following the mixer doc’s, which gave no errors, upgraded versions, and did a mixer build all.

I followed the docs, but I don’t know if there should have been done something more in this case ?

If there are any specific information I should give please tell. Not many months since I started with CL, so I’m not familiar with what way or commands that might be used to figure out the details needed here.