Yaml Image generation failed

Hey guys,

I am trying to generate a image file with a yaml cfg file.
For some reason it stops with this information:
2022/10/03 07:41:23 [ERR] The swupd command “swupd os-install --certpath=/home/player/freitag-clr-linux-mix/Swupd_Root.pem --format=29 --contenturl=file:///home/player/freitag-clr-linux-mix/update/www --versionurl=file:///home/player/freitag-clr-linux-mix/update/www --path=/tmp/install-4135892575 --statedir=/tmp/install-4135892575/var/lib/swupd -V latest --force --no-boot-update --json-output -B os-core-update,openssh-server,bootloader,freitag-all,kernel-lts” failed with exit status 21

Error Trace:

Any ideas would be helpful!

Thank you.

Error 21 in Ansible (if that is what you are using) usually relates to a directory error. Either the directory is not defined correctly or doesnt exist.

Thank you for your response. By now I found out that the error 21 means " 21 Unable to initialize signature verification" which can be found here:

My certificate has expired and I had to create a new one. I created in parallel a second folder and made mixer init. A actual pem file will then be generated which I copied in the folder.

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