Unable to swupd update because of SSL checking failed?

1、every time I try to swupd update , It failed.
sudo swupd update
Update started
Error: Failed to connect to update server: https://cdn.download.clearlinux.org/update/version/format30/latest
Possible solutions for this problem are:
Check if your network connection is working
Fix the system clock
Run ‘swupd info’ to check if the urls are correct
Check if the server SSL certificate is trusted by your system (‘clrtrust generate’ may help)
Error: Unable to determine the server version
Update failed
2、I do check that the time is correct.
3、The network is OK as curl(with k) can get the content of the url
curl -k https://cdn.download.clearlinux.org/update/version/format30/latest
4、Then I execute swupd info and clrtrust generate from the instruction
Howerver, swupd update still fails。

5、curling cdn.download.clearlinux.org/update also fails and error info is as follow,But curling google.com is OK!

6、I suspect if the pem of Version URL is not trusted.I try to add pem mannually.
sudo clrtrust add /usr/share/clear/update-ca/ClearLinuxRoot.pem
Trust store generated at /var/cache/ca-certs
sudo clrtrust add /usr/share/clear/update-ca/Swupd_Root.pem
Trust store generated at /var/cache/ca-certs
After doing this, swupd update problem persists. Can anyone give me ideas on solving the problem?

how about the original url?

Original URL? what swupd’s using is the original url from ClearLinux for swupd update.

Sorry for late reply, download.clearlinux.org. Has your problem been solved?