FILES ( how to create file, how to open path )

I am new with Linux.

I use “Files” for browsing trough directories.

BUT, there it’s look like 2 very important functionality is missing from this program.

1. Why it’s impossible to copy/paste PATH and open folder what i need ?

Lets say i want to open /usr/share/defalts/httpd

Why i cant just copy paste this “link” in to “FILES”

  • and open this folder with 1 click.

why i need instead of it, just go to “other locations” then click on “usr” then on “share” then on “defaults” and e.t.c.


  1. thing…

WHY it’s imposible to create FILE right from FILES program ? Why i need to go and open up Text Editor - then create file and then pick location where i need to save this new file to…

I am understand - all is possible to do from command line…
BUT AGAIN : if i am already in the “FILES” programm, why i need to go to command line, and create file, and then go back go “files”…

Maybe i am missing something … Please help me.

To 1:
Ctrl+l and paste the path.

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It seems your question would be appropriate to ask to the upstream nautilus project, since it is a usage question.