GNOME 42 arrived!


Clear Linux is the first distribution to have it, I think :partying_face:

Where’s the new text editor and the new console?

They haven’t been added yet to the Clear Linux repository I guess

I have noticed the changes as well, I have found a small bug that doesn’t impact me that much, but when my computer goes inactive (locks the session and turns the screen off) the screen isn’t actually turning off anymore, it just goes balck, but still is on. Not sure if this is happening to other people. I’m using an Intel Classmate PC (Marble Point) btw.

EDIT: After a reboot this seems to not be happening anymore!

I love Clear Linux for the fastest updates including the kernel-native.

As I have experienced (Gnome 40 or 41), CL pushes the new apps in stages. You may not find Software coming very soon. It would eventually come in.

I guess, probably they merge the apps with the least changes or compatibility is high with other parts of Gnome.

Included in 36070:

Added packages:
gnome-console 42.beta-1
gnome-text-editor 42.0-1
gtksourceview4 4.8.3-1

I was writing the comment to say that but you finished it first.

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Everything looking nice. Only bug I found so far was with the editor where setting tab sizes to other than 2 spaces doesn’t work.

Hm… I did notice another thing, and seems that you can’t close apps from the activities overview (the screen that appears when you press the Windows/Super key). The system freezes for a while when trying to close programs that way, it’s strange.
Tried rebooting and this time it didn’t work lol.

And Dash to Panel is broken, yet again…
I’m too tired now to dig for a solution

If I do it’s going to be here :

EDIT : found a solution

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Anyone on Intel iGPU got screen recording working?