GNOME Notification when System was Updated


when CL updates the kernel I need to reinstall the nvidia driver. It would be nice to get a notification in GNOME when that happens.


Would the notification be before you reboot the system or after? When I ssh into my system I often see this message but only when clear linux auto updated.

  • A kernel update is available: you may wish to reboot the system.
  • Some system services need a restart.

It would be good to have that notification before reboot to activate a new kernel. The effect with the nvidia driver is that GNOME becomes slow once a new kernel is loaded, and it can be confused with CPU performance/fan settings on my notebook as I switch between performance and silent mode.

A little notification in the GNOME desktop would make things more clear and I would know I have to prepare for the driver reinstall.

You might add onto this feature request:

For the nvidia driver, DKMS should be rebuilding the driver for you automatically when there is a kernel update. A reinstallation should only be required if one of the conflicting files gets overwritten (from the mesa package) or there is a compatibility issue between the kernel version and nvidia driver (in which case you’d probably need to update the driver, not just reinstall it).