Login MOTD tells me to restart services

From time to time I log into my desktop terminal shell or ssh into my server instance of clearlinux only to receive a MOTD that tells me that some services need to be restarted. I have not read enough to understand how the update and auto-update work… but it is curious how that happens. By comparison the COBRH (core os before red hat) would auto deploy and reboot once updated. Therefore whatever services needed to be restarted would be. But this might not be the same thing.

OK, so the QUESTION is how can I make this determination without having to logout and back in?

This page has more details about the service doing this:


I think I get it…

sudo clr-service-restart -a -n

will dump a list of commands that need to be executed in order to get ClearLinux in a “proper” running state.

That looks familiar to what I saw when I logged in and the MOTD displayed.