Gnome-terminal do not launch properly in sway


I’ve just installed sway and the config file was missing. I did create it in the correct directory (/.config/sway) and sway started properly, but when I do press the shortcut key for gnome-terminal (designated as the default terminal in config file as an variable - set $term gnome-terminal) it won’t start it.

I tried to start sway thru terminal command on gnome wayland and it did work, except that gnome-terminal was launched outside the sway environment when the shortcut key was pressed.

Anybody knows how to fix it?

PS: english is not my first language, sorry if it is difficult to understand something above.

gnome-terminal is an xorg app and will not run with wayland unless you have xwayland enabled. try a wayland compatible terminal such as foot, else enable xwayland for sway