[Problem] gdm starts X11 gnome session, with gnome (wayland) selected

Is on 35750, GDM 41.0, Gnome 41.3

GDM starts gnome with X11 when gnome is selected.
Have to select some other session type, and select back to gnome to force GDM to use gnome (wayland).
Any ideas or work around ?

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Kernel: 5.16.3-1118.native
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
GPU: AMD ATI 04:00.0 Renoir
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce MX350 (nouveau)

It is a laptop. What I need from wayland is libinput and touchpad gestures. Could it be possible in X11 sessions ?

I’m having this issue too but I don’t know how to fix it

Not currently on clear linux right now or I would try.
I cannot believe it may work anyway. It would only indicate Xorg is forced somewhere, and there should be an easy fix: but nothing happened.

I’m having this issue as well. Also want gestures to be implemented. I haven’t found a way yet to install touchegg as I know it does implement gestures.