Bug using xwayland in AMD GPU


I’m experiencing an issue with Wayland sessions where xwayland fails to show any application. I opened a month ago an issue but so far no comments from the maintainers.

Is there anybody else experiencing the issue, or with details on how to find the root cause?

Issue: https://github.com/clearlinux/distribution/issues/2026

Yeah Wayland’s been prettty buggy the last few moths, especially with amdgpus. we have been experiencing similar issues with other distros as well. Invisible windows mostly, and trouble transitioning or opening other apps from another, such as getting the browser to open download dialog in nautilus, that is if you can get browser to open. Firefox has been an invisible member in wayland for some time now. Gnome and Xorg in general had some trouble with amdgpus a little while back too, but has since been patched and now working very well again on CL Fedora and Debian. Wayland seems to just be lagging a bit behind in this regard; the issues more likely lie upstream (I mean with wayland) in this case.

It seems quite probable to be a problem with some package upstream but I have tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and Fedora 32 and both have no issues.

I see. I only ever used wayland while I was having an issue with gnome. That issue was resolved around the time Wayland started getting buggy. We can only ever seem to have one at a time. :man_shrugging: They’ve been patching gnome as it’s the default. It could be they don’t have much time to dedicate to Wayland and others due to the shifting of focus away from desktops. Aroung the time I was having all the problems trying to use Wayland, I went to check out their code on gitlab and saw numerous similar issues from other environments as well and a lot of … work …