H264 VAAPI on amdgpu and mesa 23.1

Is it possible to replace the default mesa so I can have hardware h264 decode via VAAPI back with my amdgpu?

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@marioroy have that workaround FFmpeg on Clear Linux including H.264 and VP9 acceleration

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Looks like the github is removed? I would like to learn of this trickery.

It’s been merged on Clear Fraction Repository
But if you want to see Forked Repo. It outdated but you can take it as reference.

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See post 60 in the “FFmpeg on Clear Linux” thread.

I’m unable to test AMD graphics. The following may do the trick.

  • You may need FFmpeg. Install the codecs bundle from Clear Fraction.
  • Copy the Firefox configuration file from the HWAccel folder, or if you prefer the launcher and associated desktop file.
  • about:config settings.
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