Hardware Telemetry?

I know under the telemetry description it says it collects information about the OS, does it also collect information about hardware ?

The reason I am asking is because I created a script which is somewhat basic, but it collects hardware information, reason being is I work with recycling computers and got tired of cataloguing their specs manually by going into BIOS etc… keep in mind most don’t have hard drives let alone OS on them.

It only made sense for me to use Clear Linux as it boots on most of the machines I work with in as few as 2 seconds, upon booting and loading the desktop environment I have it set to open terminal and display the output of my bash script.

It works on 1st gen Intel Core series ie… Core i5 650 or i7 860, I realize hardware requirements are listed as 2nd gen at least, but it definitely works with 1st gen.

Back to the matter at hand, I my self personally catalogue / process 50-75 machines per day. I have a team of 10-15 which also process an equal amount. There is potential for valuable hardware information collection, if that may be useful to the Clear Linux team.

For the time being I am only going to be the only one using the script, but once I have a chance to go through various systems and run into every problem possible then I may deploy it to them as well.

We only collect data on an opt-in basis. The primary data that we collect is crash dumps. So if we start seeing multiple machines reporting panics, we can start bisecting the recent changes and see if we broke something. We actually don’t want to collect more data than is needed for us to be able to debug the crashes, per Intel Privacy Notice .
Now, it is (or was - documentation hasn’t been updated in a long while) possible to set up your own telemetry server, so you could write probes that collect the hardware data you’re looking for and report it to your own telemetry server, if you wanted (and had the skills and time to make it happen). Or it may just be easier to run the script and note the changes off the screen.



I have enabled telemetry on both my machines. Hope that would be useful for the dev team.